6 Month Baby Update

“They grow up so fast”. Thats the realest thing I’ve ever heard. 6 months has passed? I’ve been a mom for 6 months? I haven’t slept properly in 6 months? My baby is 6 months old?!?! What the heck, Angel is already half way to 1 years old!? I’m torn between hurry and grow up because this infant stage is torture and slow down, you’re too cute, I just want to hold you. What I’ve learned through all this, is if I can survive motherhood, I can survive anything!

It’s been a real 6 months. Tougher than anything I have ever done, I have learned so much and still have a boat load of shit to learn. If there’s one thing I can take from this baby thing, it’s stop forcing little babies to become adults in 2 months, stop molding them into these robots and let them be babies!

I drove myself crazy reading and researching everything on how to make your baby sleep, self soothe, when to put them to bed, how long they should nap/sleep for and the list goes on and on. I was forcing my baby beyond his limits and beyond what he was capable of doing. I was trying to make him like all the other babies I heard and read about. I almost failed to appreciate how amazing Angel really is.

Angel still isn’t the BEST sleeper but he’s pretty good. In the beginning when he was really young, he would wake up as soon as you put him down, sleep for very short lengths and wake up several times a night. He wasn’t able to self soothe. Now at 6 months, he doesn’t wake up when I put him down. He has self soothed a few times, sleeps for stretches of 5 hours and can put himself back to sleep on occasion. This made me realize that he naturally developed these skills, I didn’t have to force him to do this sooner. I think us as moms are so stressed and overwhelmed that we want to rush our babies to grow up because it’ll be easier for us. When all along they will do these things naturally when they are developed to do so.

He is now in his own room in his own bed, I stopped the co-sleeping at 4 months. I found that he was getting too big and I was just interfering with his sleep. Yes, I said bed, not crib. I don’t do good with no sleep, Im angry, miserable and do not enjoy being a mom when Angel does not sleep well. So, I will do anything to get him to sleep and that means on an adult mattress, where he is clearly more comfortable, sue me.

Angel is growing at a rapid pace. At 6 months, he weighs the same as a 1 year old at 23 lbs, 6 month clothing does not fit him anymore. His two lower front teeth came out at 5 months and the teething stage wasn’t even that bad as some parents made it seem, nothing unusual happened to him besides being a bit more fussy than usual and he had 2 nights of really bad sleep. He’s starting to babble and squeal, crawling over some things and even trying to stand up on his straight legs. He also wants to eat everything in sight now, whenever food is around him he opens up his mouth, and it breaks my heart, lol!

I’m amazed as to what Angel has grown into. This little thing inside my belly was this perfect beautiful boy all along and I had no idea. He’s an amazing eater, transitions from the breast to bottle with no issues and adapted to solids like it was breastmilk. Angel is constantly smiling and laughing, it takes no effort for him to do so. He is such an easy baby, chill and relaxed unless he’s hungry, then he gets aggressive. I’ve also learned that mothers with 3 or more kids are clinically insane, you gotta be a special person to do this more than 3 times, even twice! Everyone was telling me that it gets easier and I was starting to not believe them but I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now and it can’t come any quicker. Scroll for some serious cuteness.

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