Postpartum Skincare Routine

I’ve discovered a new postpartum condition, it’s called postpartum aging. These babies are aging us and I’m not havin’ it. Very little sleep plus stress equals…wrinkles . I have not let up on my skincare routine, in fact I’m more strict than ever because I need to replenish everything that this kid is taking from me. I’m listing below my current skin care products that are helping me look like the single, baby-less, 27 year old I was once.

Moisturizer is the top contender here. I’m talking effective moisturizer with pure, organic, straight from the source ingredients. I rely on face oils to help my skin look bright, dewy and plump. You don’t need a moisturizer with 20 ingredients in it, you need one product or a few with 1 ingredient backed by science and nature. I love getting these organic oils from Rocket Robin. They are the most pure, authentic face oils I have ever come across. They are listed below for your reference.

Rosehip oil
Helps with dark under-eyes and glowing skin. It’s a natural source of Vitamin A for anti-aging, Omega 3,6,9 to plump out fine lines, Vitamin C to brighten your skin tone, protect the skin from sun damage and restore elasticity.

Sea Buckthorn Oil
Jammed packed with Omega 3,6,9. It’s the only plant source on the planet that contains omega 7. Sea Buckthorn Oil contains vitamin B1, B2, K, C, A, E, folic acid and powerful antioxidants which work together to plump the skin and smooth out fine lines over time.

Wheat Germ Oil
This is one of the best oils to produce collagen in the skin. Contains Omega 3 and Vitamin B. High in vitamins A,B,D,E which all help fight off the signs of aging.

Vitamin E
Probably one of the best oils you can use for your skin. Amazing antioxidants that help with free radical damage to your skin cells. Radical cell damage is what makes us get wrinkles and saggy skin.

Another important ingredient, such as AHA’s, BHA’s, Glycolic or Lactic acid. These are more effective and surprisingly less harsh than a physical scrub with actual scrubbing particles in it. Acids help slew away dead skin on your face which reveals a brighter and smoother complexion. Using these also helps with any other product or treatment you put on afterwards because the dead skin isn’t there to block it from penetrating the skin. I love this one from Skin Medica and this one from Biologique Recherche.

You need a true, grown women, I don’t get proper sleep Retinol, not one that you buy at Sephora, although I love Sephora for makeup, it’s just not a place for skincare. If possible get a prescribed retinol from a dermatologist, that’s your best bet. If not, look for a medical grade one.

Last but not least. The one product that is scientifically proven to help with aging above all these is sunscreen! Read my post on sunscreen here. Mineral based sunscreen with zinc-oxide or titanium dioxide is what you want. Majority of sunscreens on the market do not protect you properly from UVA/UVB rays! If you do the research you’ll find out.

You don’t need a 10 step skin care routine. Lord knows moms and busy women do not have time for that. Exfoliate, moisturize your ass off and keep the sun off your face baby girl. Now get glowin’.

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