Reviewing the SNOO Bassinet

Oh, the bassinet, it’s a love and hate relationship. I don’t think it’s an absolute necessary item to have, just my opinion. Your baby is inside of you for 9 months, warm and cozy and then they’re supposed to lay alone on a rock hard mattress, doesn’t make much sense to me. I think SAFE co-sleeping is completely fine. Although some babies love the bassinet, mine wasn’t much of a fan.

Today I’m giving you my honest review on the SNOO Bassinet. At first I was using a regular bassinet with no luck so I was so really excited to try the SNOO in hopes my baby would sleep better. I was lucky enough to borrow this from my cousin because it’s a very sought after bassinet, like the Lamborghini of bassinets. FYI, it retails for $2,000….might as well buy yourself a Louis Vuitton bag instead, just sayin’.

First off, I started using the SNOO when my baby was almost 2 months; so maybe if I had him in there from birth it would have worked differently. It suggests that it helps your baby sleep longer and puts them back to sleep when they wake up. It mimics the sound of the womb and the rocking of your arms, a car ride or walking with your baby. When your baby wakes up the white noise increases and the movement gets a bit more aggressive. As your baby calms down the white noise and movement slows back down.

If I bought this, I would have been pretty disappointed. I just didn’t notice a huge improvement in his sleep, nothing worth raving about. However, others have had great success with the SNOO. I just think it really depends on your baby and your patience, I don’t have much. The SNOO put my baby back to sleep a few times without me having to intervene. My husband seemed to like it, he always put him down in the bassinet but he would stay for a maximum 2 hours before he woke up again. It wasn’t much more than him sleeping or napping on the couch or bed.

This is a screenshot within the App showing his sleep cycle. The blue is when he is sleeping, the red indicts he has woke up and the SNOO is attempting to soothe him, the grey area means the SNOO is turned off because mama got fed up.


  • The bassinet has an app that you can control from your phone. It was great that I could turn it on and off from anywhere.
  • The app also tracks their entire sleep cycle from when they wake up to when they fell asleep to how long they slept for. It was really helpful looking back in the morning to see how he slept because it’s hard to remember otherwise.
  • The app notifies you once your baby wakes up and lets you know wether they are calming down or if you have to attend to your baby.
  • It increases the white noise and the movement once it senses that your baby has woke.
  • Lastly, it’s a very chic piece of furniture, very athletically pleasing. I think that’s majority of the cost! lol.


  • Not a fan of the built in swaddle! You’re trying to put your baby to sleep and then you have to strap him and zip him up without bothering him, it’s a daunting task. I would just swaddle him separately and then strap him in.
  • The price, of course. For $2,000 I’m expecting a lot, standards are very high and it just didn’t have that oomph for me.
  • The overall effectiveness. It didn’t calm my baby on it’s own as much as I’d like. He didn’t sleep any longer than he would in the other bassinet, I had to intervene very often.

In conclusion, we didn’t rely too much on the SNOO, it didn’t blow our minds. Maybe I didn’t give it enough time, who knows. It would have been lovely if it worked better, but hey, that’s baby life. Angel has outgrown the bassinet now, he’s turning over and moving a lot more so it’s time we retire him. The crib is the next task and I’ve never been so scared of something in my life. I’ll let you know how that goes!

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