A Post for the Daddy’s

Does anyone else feel like Father’s Day is so downplayed compared to Mother’s Day? I do! Mother’s should be a bit more praised than father’s since we did and do 90% of the work, but today we celebrate the dads who are amazing and especially my sons father, Jaleel, I couldn’t do this without you.

This post is dedicated to my baby daddy, my husband. Jaleel always wanted kids and a lot of them; am I going to give him them, not a chance lol, sorry baby. He comes from a large family, 5 kids in total and he’s the oldest. Jaleel grew up without a father so he had to play the “father” figure to his siblings and himself since he was a young kid; Jaleel was always meant to be a dad. I say, a man who doesn’t have his father in his life can either follow in his footsteps or become the most amazing dad. Jaleel is definitely the latter.

I could tell right away that he would be a very good dad and parent, I think he enjoys it more than I do, he’s got a lot more patience. He isn’t bothered by 3am wake ups, interrupted dinners or long sleepless nights, he is very much involved. Jaleel’s not a nervous parent who gets flustered, frustrated or annoyed. He is naturally a good hearted human being, becoming a father came so natural to him, becoming a dad did not scare him one bit.

Jaleel wanted his first child to be a boy and we were blessed to have just that, actually we had a son that’s a mirror image of Jaleel. I know some moms complain that they have to watch their husband with the kids or tell them how to do things because they’re so clueless, but I am so grateful to have a partner like my husband. I’m very comfortable to leave them alone together, forever, lol. Motherhood has taken a toll on me and It is such a great feeling knowing that I have a partner who is committed to this whole thing as I am. It is such a relief that I have someone who will take over when I’m having a bad day and let me be alone while he takes care of Angel.

Nothing is an inconvenience for Jaleel when it comes to his son, this is something he has wanted his whole life and I am so happy I was able to give him that. I look forward to seeing them bond and spend time together doing things that Jaleel has always talked about. Happy Fathers Day, this is your blank slate. You’re going to do amazing things!

Enjoy the cuteness overload below..

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