Our Baby Angel is Here

After 40 weeks and 3 days we finally come face to face with our baby! Angel Jaleel Gomez is here, weighing 9 lbs 14oz. I’m still lost for words about the delivery experience, my feelings as a mother and the whole idea of having a baby. I’m writing this as Angel sleeps and I have some downtime besides feeding and pumping all day long. I’ll express as best I can about my birthing experience in this post, it might scare some it might inspire some but this is my story…

Let’s start right from the beginning, the morning of January 27th. I was called into the hospital to be induced, I was waiting for the call; my OB told me it’d be on the 27th or 28th depending on the hospital availability. My due date was January 24th so I wasn’t too much overdue, however, I was advised to be induced because baby was already big and any bigger would just result in a harder delivery and increased caesarian.

My phone rang at 8am on January 27 and my heart dropped, knowing it was the call. I checked into the birthing center at the hospital at 9am and stayed in a waiting bed being monitored until I was brought into the birthing suite at 11:50am. Unfortunately, due to COVID I had to wait alone from 9am until 11:50 when they brought me into the birthing room and my husband was finally able to join!

The induction process ended up being very minimal for me. The whole process consists of 3 steps, a gel that they swab you with to help thin out your cervix, followed by oxytocin via IV to help contractions start and finally they manually break your water. Luckily I only had to get oxytocin to start the contractions because I was already 4cm dilated and my cervix was thinned out appropriately to what the doctors wanted.

Myself and baby were constantly monitored since I got to the hospital and they could tell when I was having contractions but I didn’t feel any since my water hadn’t broke yet, lucky me. I was hooked up to Oxytocin from 12:00pm to 5:00pm when my water broke and contractions really started. Angel was born at 10:48pm, so my labor really wasn’t long at all, just 5 hours.

Everything prior was going so slow, no contractions, I felt comfortable, no water breaking to BAM, showtime! Just before this happened my husband left to get me a bagel and 5 minutes later my water broke while I went pee. I don’t know how on earth I would have managed to get to the hospital if my water broke at home. There was so much water, like a river; no exaggeration and the contractions were immediate! I started crying out in pain for the nurse, I was ready for this epidural.

I managed to text my husband after the first contraction to tell him what happened and to come back ASAP. The nurses came in soon after my contractions started and began to give me the epidural, which I have some thoughts about. I heard once getting the epidural it’s 100% pain free and you feel nothing, um wrong-o. Yes, the pain from the first contraction definitely subsided to almost nothing but you still felt lots of pressure as the baby made its way down. Also, at a certain point they can’t give you any more dosage of the epidural or else you won’t be able to push properly, which wasn’t the best news to receive.

The epidural took a couple minutes to complete from the first step to the last and it hurts getting it done and you’re still in a bit of pain and discomfort after delivery.

Now, the pushing begins. The nurses encourage you to push whenever you get a contraction, which for me was every single minute! I just wanted a moment of relief but that wasn’t happening. It’s the hardest thing mentally and physically I think I’ll ever do in my life, pushing takes everything from you. I pushed for a total of 1.5 hours, still seeing the top of his hairy head with every push I was losing momentum and wanted to give up. I remember the doctor saying “he’s right here, he’s right here” and then just all of a sudden I see my baby overtop of me in the air! It all happened so quick.

It was instant relief as soon as he came out, as if I wasn’t just in the worst pain of my life. The feeling of relaxation, comfort and euphoria is indescribable. I immediately told my husband to order a pizza! My gosh, it was the best meal I’ve ever had in my life, lol!

We had to stay in the hospital for the next 24 hours and we were home Friday morning. I was dying to come home, the hospital beds suck! At home we were able to pass out finally for a couple hours as my parents watched Angel.

It’s been a tired and hard but amazing journey so far. I had no idea we could make such a cute baby! All the clichés of having a baby is real and it was impossible for me to imagine this until he finally came! Welcome baby Angel, mommy and daddy love you and will do everything for you, forever!

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