Pregnancy Home Stretch!

So, I’m going to be a mother soon, those words don’t even sound like English to me, it’s a very surreal feeling that I’m having; heck, I still live with my mommy! I can’t believe almost 9 months have passed since the first day I found out, I was actually making cookie orders when I got the call.

Nonetheless I’m proud to say I have experienced and survived pregnancy, lol! It was a pretty comfortable journey for me (up until now) that sometimes I forgot oh shit, I actually have to deliver this baby, he doesn’t stay inside forever. This thought truly terrifies me like nothing I have ever felt before. I can’t even begin to imagine what to compare the experience with but it’s definitely going to be an interesting one for both my husband and I, should be fun.

Currently sitting at 33 weeks and 24 lbs heavier, here’s how my pregnancy journeys been treating me.

Well the whole eating like a machine and having weird ass cravings was totally a myth, for me at least. There was only like 2 weeks out of my entire pregnancy that I was constantly hungry. Other than that the first 4 months you don’t even feel like eating and the rest of the time you have constant heartburn and indigestion which again doesn’t make you feel like eating.

Eventually EVERYTHING started to give me heartburn it was like playing roulette every time I ate. This is something I will not miss at all! For the most part I ate entirely the same amount of food as if I wasn’t pregnant. I did notice, however, my sweet tooth escaped for a bit but it came back, of course. No abnormal cravings or excessive eating either, which is a blessing because I already had no room for weight gain.

I’m feeling really heavy now, my belly’s super tight and stairs are like Mount Everest for me, no joke. It’s officially difficult to tie my shoes, put on socks or stockings, anything where I need to bend over. I can just feel the blood rush to my head.

Sleeping through the night has started to become an issue as well. I can no longer sleep on my back, it’s hard to breathe. For some reason sleeping on my right side gives me such bad leg and hip pain, so all that’s left is my left side, which they do recommended anyways for better circulation and blood flow to your baby.

My feet still fit into my loubous, heyyy!!! I’ve been blessed with very mild to almost no swelling, I’ve only noticed some in my ankles and calves. Obviously my clothes no longer fit, I interchange between 2 pairs of leggings all week so I’m very excited to get back into my old clothes once I’m at my pre-baby weight.

The baby kicks are much stronger as well, they’ve turned into full movements not just quick kicks and punches. He moves when I am resting, that’s the only time we catch him and the movements are pretty intense. We can actually feel where the baby is in my belly, it’s so crazy. Sometimes you can see where he’s resting because my belly will be uneven or lopsided.

From my last OB appointment, baby boy is measuring on the large side, exactly what my husband wanted. I’m the one that’s gotta push him out so I’m not overly excited about that but if it means he’ll be a big and strong boy than I’m okay with it, who cares it’s just my vagina…

Besides all of this the best thing is how great my husband has been and the support that I will have with this new life from him and my family. It’s such a relief knowing that your partner is fully on board and ready to take on this new chapter in life. He’s more mentally prepared than I am, doesn’t show any nervousness, but I know deep down he’s trippin’ lol. He is extremely excited about having a baby, I cannot wait to see him in action. I can pack my bags and fly my ass to Miami, daddy’s got it handled, lol in my dreams.

My hospital bag is packed, nursery is done, waist trainer is ready to be snatched and all the essentials are purchased. My mom thinks I’ll deliver early because I’m carrying low and some people say your first child is always late, so who knows! Personally, I don’t mind waiting a bit more to become a mother but it would be nice getting back to a somewhat normal pre-pregnancy life, if that’s even possible. See you after delivery! xo.

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