Baby Nursey Reveal!

Our baby nursery is finally complete and we are officially all ready for baby’s homecoming! Slowly but surely it all came together after 3.5 months of renos and designing. We took our time on this that’s why it took so long but we were in no rush. My vision was gender neutral vibes with a modern touch and my husband wanted a safari theme so this was our end result. My husband says we were decorating for a grown mans bedroom instead of a baby, lol! I believe that just because your having a baby doesn’t mean you need blue or pink walls, the baby can be modern and stylish, right?

Luckily we had a spare bedroom, because we’re with my parents so we had a decent size room to work with and my parents got a free bedroom reno in the process. The first mission was selecting paint and it was the hardest decision, I think we went to Home Depot 5 times! Choosing paint is like a science, the paper sample and what goes on the wall are almost 2 different colors, it was an annoying process. We eventually decided on a Behr paint in the color Basketry.

The very first thing I bought for the nursey were black out drapes, nothing’s messing with baby’s sleep which lets mama sleep. Worth noting, this was a stressful item to purchase, I’ve never bought drapes before; there’s different sizes and they ain’t cheap either. I ended up finding the perfect pair with the right measurements online at Walmart, they’re a white-ish color with some specks of beige to tie in the color of the walls.

I decided I wanted to do something special to one wall to add a custom touch and design. We went with wall paneling where the crib will be placed and painted it the same color as the rest of the walls for a clean streamlined look.

The bedroom closet never had any doors, my parents took them off years ago and just never put other ones on, so the closet was open and very exposed. They decided now was a good time to put some back on. They went with mirrored sliding doors and it really made the bedroom look much more neat since it concealed everything inside the closet.

We also painted my old bed a beautiful plain white color from a cherry oak color. It’s a day bed from when I was younger and thought we would include it in the room in case mom or dad need to sleep in the baby’s room on occasion. The paint was from Behr as well, I believe White Veil. There’s also about 40 spindles on this bed, it wasn’t the most fun to paint.

The crib was such an easy find, we got lucky. We purchased the crib really early on from Wayfair. It’s a metal bar crib in a matte brushed gold so it’s gender neutral as well, it goes perfectly with the colors of the room and we got it on sale for less than $300 from original $600!

We finally landed a dresser! This was the last piece that was missing, so I’m very relieved about that now. We didn’t bother with a change table, the top of the dresser will also act as a change table. I wanted a real wood dresser that’s durable, long lasting and good quality. However, it wasn’t easy to find since majority of decent priced dressers are made from MDF, laminate or particle board. My lovely parents came through and found a genuine wood dresser at Babies R Us and gifted that to mama and daddy.

Lastly we added some final touches and décor such as stuffed animals, faux plants, book shelves and a carpet to add some warmth to the room. My husband built the book shelves and the planters for the plants from wood, which concluded our 10th trip to Home Depot. We painted them both another neutral color from Behr to match with the room.

I hope you like the reveal, it’s a huge difference from what this room used to look like. I hope baby boy is comfy and cozy and enjoys his new home! xo.

This was the room before. Check out the after photos!

This is it! Our vision of modern and jungle came together perfectly! The transformation blows my mind, It looks 1000 times better than before! xo.

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