DIY Vase Painting

I recently came across this new DIY trend of painting old vases a matte/stone like texture. It’s the best DIY I’ve ever seen and done. It creates such an expensive modern look but for a fraction of the price that you’d buy one for. It’s just paint mixed with baking soda, that’s it. I finally tired this DIY and I am in LOVE with the end result! It came out perfect, exactly what I’ve seen on other posts and videos.

What you need:

Acrylic Paint: Which is wall paint. A great tip would be to use any leftover paint (which I did) or if you want a specific color, Home Depot sells mini paint samples for $10 and it gives you enough paint for 500 Sq feet.

Baking Soda: The normal kind you use when making a cake.

An old vase: Preferably glass with no design on it so you get a nice smooth and simple look. Or you can use whatever you want if you want a design on your vase, your choice.

A paint brush: With bristles, which I used or I’ve seen people use sponges as another way of application.

It’s so easy, all you do is mix as much paint as you like with equal parts baking soda, just depends on how many vases you plan to paint or how big your vase is.

You want the mixture to be thick and pasty, you’ll see the paint texture change once you add the baking soda. Give it a nice stir and start painting. The finish texture will be rough and ridged but that’s what the texture of true stone is. You will need minimum 2 coats, maybe 3. Just be sure to let each coat fully dry before the next coat.

I also tried baking powder by mistake and although it wasn’t horrible it just didn’t turn out as nice as baking soda. The powder mixture came out much more thick and foamy and lacked the stone feel and texture.

Check out all my “new” vases below with before pictures! It can add such beautiful décor to any space and you can custom create any color you want. It really was so easy and quick, you can do this while watching TV. I definitely recommend trying this out, takes no time at all and your left with a beautiful custom piece of art.

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