What Nobody Told Me About Pregnancy

Hello my friends! I’m still here, pregnant and all, almost 7 months. Honestly, my baby deserves an award for giving mama a really easy and stress-free pregnancy so far. I’ve been so blessed to have no complications or any trouble whatsoever. I even managed to escape morning sickness with just nausea throughout the day, even though that was still annoying. However, there are some things I had no idea to expect, things that I was never told about or even heard about. Read along for my current surprise symptoms that I’ve been dealing with.

Stretch marks, sorry but I don’t wear them with pride at all. I know it doesn’t bother some women and I wish I had that strong mentality, but I don’t. Oddly enough I have no stretch marks on my tummy, yet, however they seemed to all gather on my poor boobies. You’d think I was growing a baby in my titties. I wasn’t expecting to get stretch marks on my breasts so soon, I thought that came afterwards with breastfeeding. They’re not horrible but I’ll continue to slather on the oil and creams in hopes they disappear or at least fade.

Eczema/ itchy skin was another symptom I met. I’ve never had eczema and apparently you can develop it while pregnant, who knew! Now, I’ve diagnosed myself, so I may not actually have it, but my boobs were insanely itchy to the point where they would sometimes bleed because of how much I would scratch them! I eventually got prescribed cream from my doctor to help with the itchiness and the rash that came with it. Luckily this cream really helped; the rashes and bumps are gone, but they are still itchy. I even had to stop wearing a bra to bed because they’d be all squished together which caused sweat which caused the irritation in the first place. I was told to use a very mild water based moisturizer so I can let the skin breathe.

Nowhere did I read about tailbone pain. I started feeling pain about a month ago and thought it’s just because I sit all day at work, which probably does play a big part but I read it can be a symptom of pregnancy. It’s due to the relaxation and stretching of your pelvic floor, which also moves your coccyx. The coccyx is a joint located at the very bottom of your tailbone, mystery solved! This actually really hurts, it’s no minor discomfort. Getting up from sitting down is the worst, I have to grab my ass and hold myself up, sitting too long doesn’t help either and there’s not too many stretches to help relieve the pain. I’ll just suck it up for another 2 months.

I think the worst pregnancy symptom of all has to be the heartburn. I’ve never experienced heartburn until now and omg, I feel for anyone who suffers from it on the reg. It’s like a volcano is sitting in your chest and trying to erupt but it doesn’t and it stops right before a burp should come out and your left with this hot sensation. You’re just dying for a burp and you feel so full and uncomfortable, it’s the WORST! I’ve learned about the foods to avoid but sometimes it still creeps up without warning.

The last symptom that I think is exaggerated is the appetite. I heard that you’ll get these weird cravings and your just eating all the time non-stop. The appetite has just started now at 7 months where I’m constantly hungry and never satisfied, however up until now I was eating the same prior to pregnancy. I still haven’t had an abnormal or weird craving, I eat the same foods as usual. The beginning stages of pregnancy are filled with nausea and upset stomach so food is not attractive at all. As a fact, you only need 300-500 extra calories while pregnant, so eating for 2 is one big myth.

This has been the last couple months of life. I think I can soldier through the next 2 months, delivery’s a whole other story that I’m just not ready for. Hopefully all you new expecting mamas find this useful, you’re definitely not alone if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms. Let’s fight through them like the super hero’s we are! xo.

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