My New Beauty Favorites

Every once in a while I come across some new makeup or beauty products that I purchase in hopes to love and add to my collection. This month of October, like every month to be honest, has been filled with shopping. I’ve purchased some new beauty products that I fell in love with and I will share them right here with y’all!

My first purchase of the month are these glycolic acid pads from QRxLabs. They are 10% pure Glycolic Acid and 2% Salicylic Acid. You just sweep them across a clean face before you apply anything else. You’ll feel a cooling, minty feeling all over your face and they really do help brighten and exfoliate your skin. I use these every other day and be sure not to use a vitamin c or retinol with this. Lets face it, without smooth skin your makeup game will never be what you want it to be.

Up next, this holy grail of a product sworn by models and celebrities. I found a place in Toronto that sells this so I thought why not try it. It’s a very pricey item, so I got the 50ml size just to try and it was $45 bucks, not too bad. The Biologique Recherche P50 Balancing Lotion has great reviews online, just check for yourself; even listed as the “Best Beauty Product in the World”. Essentially, its an chemical exfoliator. You press it into your skin after cleansing and it dramatically helps with brightening, evening your skin tone and slewing away dead skin cells. I definitely notice a difference in the morning when I wake up.

Moving along to makeup; FYI watching YouTube makeup tutorials will have you spending money you wouldn’t have spent otherwise. These next 2 products are just exactly what I mean. I was watching Hrush’s channel (celebrity makeup artist, mainly for the Kardashians) and she was using a Mac Face and Body Foundation which she raved about, so obviously I bought it. She mentioned it was used to actually blend colors together instead of using it on its own as full coverage. This is extremely liquid-y and sheer so if you want a thick, full coverage foundation this is not it. However, the formula is amazing, it feels like milk and its perfect for applying a very sheer base or using it as a color to blend contour and concealer seamlessly.

Another product she used was Mac’s Foundation Stick but as contour. I bought the color NW60 which is like 100x darker than my skin, but its okay because it blends out nicely to a perfect shade. Its not orange or red, it gives the perfect cool contour shade. AND, it was on sale for $15, add to bag, thank you!

The last makeup product is the RCMA Cream Foundation Palette. First off, cream based makeup is the best! If you don’t use cream makeup products you have to start ASAP! The formula in my opinion is much better than liquids or powders, it blends nicer into the skin and its not as drying as other formulas. I use this palette as concealer and I love it because it has 5 shades to use and mix with, so you get your own customized shade every time.

Everything is linked in this post for your shopping pleasure! xo.

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