My Pregnancy Journey

One good thing came out of this COVID pandemic, a pregnancy! My husband and I are expecting are very own little baby! It still seems so surreal that I am growing a human inside my body. In this post I want to share my experience and everything I have learned thus far and be open about the pregnancy journey in hopes to relate to other women.

It wasn’t easy getting pregnant, it took us exactly 1 year. There’s no switch that you flick on your body to activate pregnancy, there is so much more that goes into it. I feel like the struggles are not talked about, you see pregnancy posts everywhere so it seems like it’s easy, when it’s really not.

Technically you have 2 days out of the whole month that are your “fertile days”. 30 days and we just get 2 of them, thanks. So when those 2 days come around you gotta jump on them, literally! Sometimes that’s hard to do because women with irregular periods won’t know when they ovulate, therefore don’t know which day to get busy.

Even if you are regular and you know exactly when you ovulate, you could be stressed out, your partner could have low sperm count, there could be a blockage in your Fallopian tubes that’s stopping the egg from releasing, you could have very limited eggs in your ovaries, the list can go on. Something interesting I learned; from the day we come out of our mothers womb we already have the amount of eggs that we will ever have in our life, and they start dying right from that day.

Now lets say you get pregnant, yay! Staying pregnant can be a whole other journey. Miscarriages are very common and those aren’t talked about enough either. The reason for those are sometimes unknown but you could have low progesterone; which will show in low HCG levels, a high/low thyroid, etc. Good news is these can be detected with a doctors visit! A good sign of a healthy and vital pregnancy are high HCG levels, anything above 25 is a positive and you want it doubling every 2 days. When I got the news I was already at 600 HCG at 6 weeks so I had confidence this was successful. To monitor the levels, I received 1 more blood test in the following days.

Experts do say it takes a healthy couple 1 year to successfully get pregnant, some can be sooner; the human body is a very confusing thing. I first did a urine test in the middle of the month and it came out negative, another disappointment. I started looking into other routes because I thought I had a problem; I was booking an appointment with an IVF clinic because I thought that was my last resort, I’m pretty dramatic, I know. The doctor told me to come and do a blood test just to see, and he was right, I was pregnant! Shout out Dr. Henning, such a nice man, still haven’t met him tho! lol.

I am currently 19 weeks, so 5 months, 10 pounds heavier and I’m feeling great! The beginning was a bit rough with fatigue (it is so real) and nausea but still very easy compared to other women’s experiences. No baby kicks yet, but heartburn has kicked in. I find espresso, oily foods or eating close to bed time really activates it. Stretch marks have started on the boobies, very sad even though I’m using body oils and aloe vera every day! Baby is very healthy, we have the gender, which we’ll be revealing very soon! Literally everyone thinks we’re having a boy and that’s our feeling as well, we just have to wait and see!

This journey has been a blessing, not easy but a wonderful experience. Here’s to the next 5 months, I am very curious to see how else my body changes and cannot wait to feel a baby kick!

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey!

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