Bedroom Dresser Makeover

I doubt I’m the only person who did some DIY makeover’s during the COVID Pandemic. This was probably the one and only time we had to actually do the stuff we “never have time for”. One major DIY I wanted to tackle was to makeover and paint this solid wood dresser in my bedroom. It’s been in my family for years, it’s older than me. Oh, and FYI, this was not as easy as I thought!

I didn’t want to throw the dresser away because it’s 100% solid wood and that’s hard to come across these days for furniture. It’s an amazing piece that will last for many more years, all it needed was some TLC. Read on for how we painted and refurbished our old dresser into a brand new masterpiece!

First thing was to decide on the paint color, personally I love black semi-gloss furniture. I think it adds such a modern, expensive feel to any piece. Picking paint is EXTREMELY important for furniture. Matte/flat paint finishes will hide imperfections, however it’ll give off a dull finish, it won’t be very vibrant. Semi-gloss paint will provide a more smoother application making the piece not too shiny and not too matte, just perfect. You do not want to buy the same paint as you would for your walls, learn from our mistake.

We initially bought cabinetry paint in a sateen finish which is 1 level before the semi-gloss. After our second coat we realized this was not giving us the look we wanted. It wasn’t a very smooth application and was not as glossy as we imagined. We went back to the Home Depot, I think 4 times total during this whole process to get a semi gloss paint. We used Behr Premium paint for this project, not as expensive as their Marquee line.

Prior to the paint we decided to replace the old handles with brand new drawer pulls. We got amazing ones from Amazon, I was so impressed with the quality and price. My husband drilled out the new holes and then filled the old ones holes with wood filler.

Next, we lightly sanded and primed with 123 Primer, these are steps you cannot skip. Then, we began to paint a total of 3 coats. The result of this dresser was amazing, it was drabby and old before, now it’s a chic modern piece of furniture you would find in magazines. One thing I learned after this was all done, dust collects and shows up in a matter of seconds like you didn’t just wipe it down, but hey, beauty comes high maintenance.

I also made sure to add velvet furniture protectors to all the items that will be going on top of the dresser to prevent scratches. Check out the before and after below and maybe you’ll get some inspo on your next DIY makeover!

Drawer Pulls: Amazon

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