Harmful Ingredients In Your Skincare Products

I understand that we need to practice self care and maintain personal hygiene, but this can sometimes come with pretty scary health effects. All of the “non-clean” labeled household branded products you buy for yourself or your family have toxic and harmful ingredients. Unless the product is specifically labeled “clean” or lists out “ingredients free from”, chances are it has at LEAST 4 toxic ingredients. Good news is, there’s alternatives to all these products.

If your using generic brand products, go grab your body soap, face wash, cream and shampoo and go through the ingredient list. Majority of them, you won’t even be able to pronounce. Makeup products have these ingredients as well but unless your wearing a full face everyday, all day, it isn’t as harmful as these products you use everyday, even twice a day. The way I look at it’; if your eating healthy and preservative free, why shouldn’t you do the same on the outside? Below is a list of the most common harmful and toxic ingredients in your current personal care products.

Parabens: This has many different names as well, any ingredient ending in “paraben”. This is in face & body wash, face & body cream, shampoo & conditioner. Harmful to the endocrine system and reproductive system. Can have hormonal disruption.

Aluminium: Found mostly in deodorant. Cancer- causing neurotoxin when entered via your lymph nodes under your arms.

Phthalates: Found in shampoo, hand, face and body wash, deodorant and lotions. Believed to disrupt the endocrine system and alter hormonal balance, which all effects pregnancy.

Ticlosan: Found in hand sanitizer, deodorants, bar or liquid soap and face wash. Has been linked to harmful effects on the endocrine system and hormones, immune system and birth defects.

Toluene: Also known as fragrance or parfum. Found in nail polish and hair dye. It is linked to reproductive damage and decreased fertility.

Talc: Main ingredient in powders and soaps. This has been directly linked to ovarian cancer. Some baby powders still have Talc in them.

Oxybenzone: The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has rated this an 8 on their toxicity scale, meaning it’s one of the most toxic ingredients in cosmetics. It’s been linked to hormone disruption, low sperm count and poses a risk to the reproductive system. Oxybenzone can be found in lotions, foundations and sunscreen. Opt for a mineral sunscreen instead with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.

Next time you need shampoo, body lotion or a skincare product look at the ingredients. You will be amazed at how many of these ingredients you find at the back of the bottle. It’s very easy to find clean and non-toxic products, they are on the same shelf! The easiest thing to do is buy natural 100% ingredient products.

Check back soon for a post on all my natural skincare products!

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