9 Useless Beauty Products

The beauty industry, it’s a love and hate relationship. There so many products being thrown at us on a daily basis and we can’t buy them all. Some are really good and others are just “fluff”as I like to call it. Invest in the proper products and stop wasting money on the useless ones. Here are the most useless beauty products that you don’t need..

1. Primer
Now this one is a debate, some swear by it, I don’t. I think a good moisturizer can act as a primer. Primer can really clog your pores which isn’t healthy for your skin. I just don’t believe there’s a primer out there that takes your makeup from 0-10. The goal is to have your foundation or concealer skin into your skin to make it look natural.

2. Setting Spray
The main reason for setting spray is to keep your makeup in place. An old trick is to spray your face with hairspray after makeup (I remember doing this). So really, what’s the difference between hairspray and setting spray, both are not good for your skin anyways. Just use rose water, it’s hydrating and allows your makeup to blend into your skin and look less powdery.

3. Lip Scrub
Another “fluff” product is lip scrub. You can make your own at home with honey and sugar, you can use a wet towel or a toothbrush like my post here.

4. Hyaluronic Acid
Our bodies naturally produce this already. Hyaluronic Acid is a very large molecule that cannot penetrate deep in the skin, therefore just providing temporary moisture and plumpness to the top layer. It’s even recommended to follow with a moisturizer, why should I have to if it’s said to be the “best hydrator”. FALSE, don’t waste your money.

5. Face Masks
Another useless product. This just provides temporary moisture and a nice feeling when applied. Just buy a product that provides long lasting, effective hydration.

6. Eye Masks
A patch of silicone that you take out of a package is not going to reduce your dark circles or puffy-ness. Circulation, sleep, water intake and a cold press will help, which you can all do for free.

7. Eye Creme
This is my favorite useless product. I understand that our under-eyes are more sensitive and delicate than the rest of your skin. However, why can’t I use my natural face oil under my eyes, or a natural vitamin e oil? Stop paying $90 for an eye creme when you can use the products you already have, will less chemicals, that will probably work better. Try vitamin e or any natural face oil.

8. Essence
This is a new trendy thing in beauty. It’s pretty much a toner but with magical ingredients, apparently. There’s a popular brand at Sephora that runs for almost $100, like why? It’s a toner! Again, all it’s providing is hydration and moisture, there’s no secret ingredient. Just stick with a rose water or witch hazel, that’s all natural and a good moisturizer.

9. Any additional serums without active ingredients
What I mean is Vitamin C, Retinol, Glycolic Acid and sunscreen are the most important medically active products that will actually work. Other serums for plumping, firming, brightening, anti-aging, etc are just extra products made by brands to add to their product line. You just one of each item. It’s not necessary to have 5 products just for anti aging.

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