Natural Lip Filler

Ever since Kylie Jenner posted a photo of her lips, lip fillers became an overnight sensation. I feel like everyone has them and I don’t blame them. Full lips are sexy, beautiful and youthful. However, there is a way to naturally achieve this look; it costs $0 and you can do it from the comfort of your couch!

Everyone has the tool, you use it every single day, it sits on your vanity in your bathroom. Any guesses? It’s your toothbrush!

Take a soft bristled toothbrush (manual one works best) and get it wet under the faucet. Start lightly scrubbing away like you would you teeth, minus the toothpaste!

Scrub for as long as you like, longer will result in more smooth and fuller lips. The toothbrush acts as an exfoliator and boosts circulation in the lips causing them appear bigger, softer and brighter.

Apply your lipstick or some gloss and voila, you have Kylie Jenner lips, without the needles. I do this before a night out and my lips are poppin’! xo.

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