The Most Important Face Products You Actually Need

When it comes to skin care products, it can get pretty overwhelming with everything you see on social media, at Sephora, or products being promoted by influencers. There are so many face products on the market and honestly, a lot of it is just “fluff”.

Why does a face cream have 5 words in the name? Extra Moisturizing, radiant, exfoliating face balm. Is all that really necessary? Out of all the skin care products, there are only 5 that you need to maintain healthy skin. Here they are…

Face Wash/ Exfoliator
This is the first step to any skin care regime. A gentle face wash for every day use and an exfoliator on occasion. No secret here, you need to cleanse all the oil, dirt and dead skin off your face.

Vitamin C Serum
The holy grail!! You need a strength of at least 15% containing L-Asorbic Acid or Ethlyated Asorbic Acid which is a different form or Vitamin C, either or are great. I love Timless and The Ordinary. Vitamin C brightens you skin, lightens dark spots, builds collagen and fights pre mature aging and wrinkles.

Face oil or creme
I personally love and only use natural face oils for my hydration. Rosehip, Argan, Squalene and Sascha Inchi Oil all have a non-comedogenic rating of 0-1, which means will not clog pores (break you out). They penetrate the skin at a deeper level and they give a more radiant and luminous look. A face creme will work too, something light and non greasy like this one.

The sun causes 80% of aging. A sunscreen is crucial after Vitamin C because your skin is more susceptible to the suns UV rays. Look for a natural sunscreen with Zinc Oxide as the main ingredient and at least 50 SPF. I like this one by Derma Soleil, you can buy it online or at a natural health store.

This should only be used in the PM because it can be harsh and you should not have any sunlight on your face while this is on. You can get a prescribed retinol or one from the drugstore. I like The Ordinary 2% or 5% retinol serum.

That is all you need for great skin. Don’t feel pressured into the skin care propaganda and spend hundreds of dollars on the new trendy product or ones filled with useless ingredients. Just stick to these 5 and try different brands and switch them up from time to time.

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