How to Effectively Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

Going to sleep with makeup on is a sin, we’ve all heard it. 19 year old me would be so ashamed of myself! I’m not going to lie, there are times I still go to bed with mascara on, but the days that I wear full makeup, I make sure to take it all off!

Going to bed with makeup not just stains your pillowcase but it can cause acne and ultimately cause aging. Try your hardest to remove your makeup, 5 minutes is all it takes. Here’s how to take it all off so you may sleep soundly and get that beauty rest!

Double Cleanse: When I have foundation, bronzer, blush, eye shadow, etc, I double cleanse. This means washing my face first with a cleansing oil, followed by a normal face wash.
I like Kiehl’s Botanical Cleansing Oil and Marcelle Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel
They are both sulfate free and soap free, aka; more natural and safe.

Micellar Water: Depending on how much makeup I have on and what’s left after cleansing I swipe a cotton pad over my face to get rid of any residue. I like this one from La Roche-Posay

Moisturize: Last and final step, I follow with lots and lots of moisturizer. After having all the makeup on I need to replenish my skin and hydrate it over night.
I love facial oils; especially Sacha Inchi oil, listed in my skincare post here. I slather that stuff on along with some vitamin e under my eyes.

My face is super clean, hydrated and ready for my pillow! Sweet dreams xo.

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