Turmeric Lemon Ginger Wellness Drink.

There are so many ways we can take care of our bodies and health that starts in our kitchen! (no gym needed, which makes me happy). I truly believe food is medicine and if you eat the right ones, you won’t ever need a pill.

Certain fruits and veggies have amazing nutrition, specifically turmeric, ginger, lemon and limes. You can mix these all into a flavorful, nutritional jammed packed juice. Below is how I make my turmeric lemon ginger drink. BTW, it’s so simple.

This drink is a beautiful bright orange-yellow that’s bound to rejuvenate and wake up your insides. You can make this in a juicer or blender. If you use a blender you will have to strain the mixture to remove the pulp. I used my Magic Bullet because I don’t have a juicer and it worked perfectly.

Turmeric: Main ingredient is Curcumin which acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Inflammatory is what causes joint pain and arthritis. Antioxidants keeps our cells healthy and removes damaged ones which causes aging!

Ginger: Similar to the turmeric family. Aids in digestion, anti-inflammatory and said to heal the uterus which can aid in fertility.

Lemon: Naturally detoxifying and alkalizing, loads of Vitamin C to help your immune system

Black Pepper: Helps with the absorption of the turmeric

What you’ll need: (I didn’t measure anything)
– Freshly grated turmeric or turmeric powder
– Freshly grated ginger
– Juice of 1 lemon. Lime is optional just for added taste
– Juice of half an orange or 3 tangerines
– Black pepper, just a pinch
– Olive Oil, just a drop

Blender Instructions:
– Combine the turmeric, ginger, black pepper, juice of lemon and orange into a blender . I actually used the entire orange not just the juice.
– Blend everything together
– Pour in some oil olive, blend again
– Pour the mixture through a strainer and voila!

Juicer Instructions:
– Juice the ginger, turmeric, orange and lemon. Sprinkle with black pepper and add the olive oil.

That’s it, super quick and easy with all natural ingredients and not an ounce of artificial sugar. This tastes so fresh and zesty, a great morning drink or any time of the day!

You can make a bigger batch and keep this for a couple of days in the fridge or freeze it for longer and blend when you need!

Enjoy! xo.

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