How To Pack EVERYTHING Into One Carry-On.

Vacationing is always fun and exciting, except for all the stuff before like packing, ugh! A lot of females get overwhelmed with packing about what/what not to bring, how much to bring and so on. For me, I like to keep it simple, easy and stress free.

This is why when I can get away for 4 days I only pack a carry-on. I bring what I need and I keep it minimal so I’m not stressing at the airport with all these bags. Plus, I don’t have to check any bags or wait for them when I land.

Here is how I pack EVERYTHING I need into just one carry-on luggage…

Clothes: I make sure to pre-plan all my outfits and I pack clothes that are versatile and can go with anything, (ie: black pants, simple top, dresses). This helps me to not over-pack clothes I wont even wear, but, I have to pray that I’ll still like my choices when it comes time to wear them!
When it comes to shoes I pack one pair of neutral heels that will match anything and I wear a comfy shoe to the airport that I can also wear on the vacation. (ie: running show or sandal)

Packing: This is the secret, how you pack is everything! I roll all my clothes like this, they fit so much better and take up way less room than just piling the clothes inside or folding them. My shoes are at the bottom.

I keep my under garments in the mesh section and everything else rolled into rows on top of each other.

Toiletries/ Makeup: The TFSA rule is you can only bring liquids no more than 100 ml each. The key is to bring sample sizes. Also, I bring products with multi-use for my entire body, which is why I love oils. I pack limited makeup, I would rather spend that time doing other stuff anyways. I use the body soap and shampoo that the hotel provides. 
I put some of my bigger products that are too large into disposal mini containers. These are very handy, you can get them at any dollar store. My make up is in the little black bag.

Purse: I always bring a larger purse with me as well for quick access items such as passports, IPad, IPhone, snacks, earphones. This gives you more space and room to pack things that didn’t fit into the carry-on. This is where I pack my toiletry bag, plus a smaller purse that I will need while on the vacation for money and my phone.

Packing this way really works for me, I never feel like I am missing or forgetting anything. Four days is a short time, you don’t need your whole closet. If you’re a heavy packer try packing with these tips next time. I promise you the travelling will be much easier with lighter and less bags!

Enjoy your next vacation! xo.

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