Our Fantasy Wedding

After 29 years of being single I got married! Yeah, I really was single my whole life, even though my husband still refuses to believe that. Jaleel (my baby) and I married April 6, 2019.

We started planning the wedding almost right after he proposed, we didn’t want to make the planning process a long road (I ain’t 26 no more). I decided on the venue early because I recently visited this place for a wedding that same year.
To my surprise the planning was so seamless and perfect, yet very far from effortless. In addition to the wedding, I was also planning the wedding shower, honeymoon (which was actually the hardest) and helping out with husbands stag party. Talk about hectic!

I knew from my own knowledge that wedding vendors book up very quickly so I needed to act fast on the most important vendors; which in my opinion are:

  • Venue ceremony and reception
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Floral & Decor
  • Photography

I had such amazing luck with finding all of my vendors, I found them pretty quick. One great thing about Instagram these days, businesses’ use this platform to showcase their work, it’s the best avenue to hire and book companies. I found majority of my vendors via Instagram and referrals.

The decor and photography were my hardest decisions and took us the longest to finalize. I met with 4 florists and switched my color scheme 3 times and met with 3 photographers before I found the right fit. I was looking for style, honesty and price. I was very strict on the budget for this wedding and I am so proud we stayed within our means and even got some things less than what we planned for!

My decor consisted of black and white with greenery floral to add freshness and brightness to the room. We used tulips everywhere. We also covered the dance floor black and white with our logo to tie everything together.

The rest of the details just fell into place, I found my dress after only 2 visits; a whole year in advanced and I never regretted the quick decision, it was stunning! I am so happy with how our wedding turned out, I was in awe how it came together so perfectly. I don’t regret one decision we made and I wouldn’t have done anything different. It’s a day my husband and I will cherish forever and we have these amazing photos to remember it all!

The 2 immediate families sat at these King Tables with tall and short floral arrangements with black tapered candles down the center. They had white and black Louis XVI dining chairs.
All our guests sat at round tables with a mix of short tulip centerpieces and tall ones along with the black tapered candles. They sat on black and white Chivari chairs.
Our head table. Instead of a usual backdrop I decided to go with a boxed garden-like arrangement at the front of our table, my vision was clean and crisp. That’s the reason we chose the all glass table.
Each setting was complete with a glass, black rimmed charger.
Our amazing cake was done in our color scheme, 4 tier of red velvet and banana chocolate chip. It was displayed on an acrylic stand.
We had our first dance sung live by THE AMAZING BluSoul, these guys are phenomenal!
BluSoul preformed for 1 hour towards the end of dinner.
We placed 2 couches on the dance floor at either ends for guests to enjoy the party and relax.
We chose this as our Thank You card.
We took our wedding photos outside and indoors at a nearby hotel.
Now entering Mr. & Mrs. Gomez!

Venue: Universal Eventspace
Floral and Decor: http://www.flowerly.ca/
Wedding Coordinator: Helen Pispidikis @weddingsbydesign
Head Table, Chairs, Chargers, Sofas: Detailz
Cake: IG @nothingsweeterthanyoucakes
Dance Floor:Finer Events
Entertainment: Blusoul
Draping: https://www.enzomercuridesigns.com
Stationary: Done by my amazing MOH
Dress: Ana Koi Bridal
Photography: Mendes Photography

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