Get Glowing Skin With These Products.

I love skincare, I truly believe if you take care of your skin you will always look and feel beautiful. Unfortunately, I never had great skin, I suffered from acne in my teenage years and it has resulted in some scarring. Thankfully the acne is gone and I no longer get breakouts, however I’m dealing with the scars (literally).

I started taking skin care seriously and took action on my face. I am strict with my home care regime and honestly, I have noticed a big difference in my skins appearance, texture and tone. These are the exact products that have saved my skin… and they’re affordable.

Skin Medica AHA/ BHA Exfoliating Cleanser: A creme based cleanser and exfoliant with ultra fine, non abrasive jojoba beads with AHA and BHA acids to break up dead skin, leaving you with a smooth, bright and texture free surface.

TIP: NEVER, EVER use a very rough and abrasive exfoliant, it’ll just create small micro tears in your skin and leave you with irritated, damage skin.

NEOSTRATA Glycolic Renewal Serum: This powerful serum I apply after I cleanse. It has a strength of 10% glycolic acid which is very effective. This also makes your skin sensitive to sun exposure, so follow with a sunscreen! This is a chemical exfoilant which breaks up dead skin to reveal a smoother brighter canvas.

Skin Essence Organic Rose Hip Oil: The benefits of Rosehip oil are just amazing. Rose hip oil is good for stretch marks, wrinkles, brightness and hydration. Don’t be scared by oils if you have oily skin like myself, this doesn’t make me breakout at all, it’s a great natural moisturizer and instant glow.

Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum: For a glowing complexion, a mandatory staple is Vitamin C and not just any Vitamin C. A serum with at least 20% like this one is crucial in order for it to be effective. Vitamin C cannot reverse wrinkles already there but it can reduce the premature aging, dark spots and wrinkles that are caused by sun exposure by promoting collagen in the skin. Collagen is the ‘glue’ that keeps our skin and tissues intact and together.
TIP: Ingredient list must have ‘L-Asorbic Acid’. This is the chemically active form of Vitamin C.

Sacha Inchi Oil: This all natural, organic oil is my new fav! This oil comes from the seed of the Plukenetia Volubilis plant near the Amazon Forest. It’s loaded with antioxidants (helps cells from deteriorating) and helps skin elasticity (firmness and stretching). It’s also $8.99, cheaper and more effective than $70 cremes made inside a factory, just stayin…

Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin: I love this! It’s so soothing and refreshing. I use this before I apply my serums, after I do my makeup and just randomly when I feel like a fresh mist. It only has 3 ingredients, another natural and clean product!

Scentuals Pure Vitamin E Oil: Lastly, some good ol’ Vitamin E. Another natural, 1 ingredient product that is very effective. This is great for wrinkles, stretch marks and an overall moisturizer. It is pretty tacky and thick so use very minimal or you can mix it with other oils.

TIP: I use this as an eye creme. It’s pure, potent and effective yet natural and gentle for the under-eye area.

Do you use any of these products already? Try these out if you haven’t or if you’re looking for another brand. I love these products, I haven’t found anything wrong with them and they’re all simple and effective to use. Let me know what you think! xo.

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