How To Get Designer Goods For Cheap.

There has always been something inside of me that just loved the finer things in life, whether it was clothes, shoes, jewelry or vacations. I have always had an eye for designer handbags and shoes. As much as I loved them I always knew I couldn’t realistically afford these items at retail price and I refused to pay full price.

I started my designer obsession at the age of 15, I bought my first Burberry handbag, I paid full price $400. It continued from there but the other bags I wanted were much, much more than $400 so I had to find a way to get them.

Then I discovered Letgo and Facebook Groups. These are the best places in my opinion to get amazing and unique designer goods at ridiculous prices. There are some items listed on these sites that are still pretty expensive but I have scored some handbags at amazing deals.

Letgo is a mobile app that lets you search for literally anything you want within a 1,000 km radius. I’ve only bought handbags from this site but I’ve seen home furniture, clothes, power tools, cars, anything you think of. All you do is type what you want into the search bar, click on the item that shows up, start a chat with the owner and figure out where to meet or even negotiate for a lower price than whats listed. You can view the owners location, other listings and reviews.

You’re probably wondering how do I know if it’s real? Well, unfortunately there are plenty of non-authentic items listed but they’re also pretty obvious.

How to spot a fake handbag:

  • The Price: If a Chanel, Gucci, YSL, etc are listed for $400, its probably a fake
  • If the owner is selling a bunch of the same handbags, it’s probably a fake
  • The overall quality, stitching, hardware, inside, serial number.
  • The dustbag.
  • Chanel Lambskin: The diamond quilts should never look puffy or shiny
  • The CC clasp logo should be a flat edge, never rounded at the tip.
  • The right C overlaps the left at the top of the logo, and the left C overlaps the right at the bottom.
  • Chanel serial numbers have either 8 or 7 digits, depending on when the bag was made.
  • Chanel Interior stamps will say Made in Italy or France, never Paris.

Tip: Take a trip to a department store or search online on the designer website to compare what you’re buying, this helps a lot to determine whether the bag is authentic or not.

Facebook Groups are another really good option as well, I’ve purchased one of my Chanel bags from here. To make your decision easier, some people on these groups offer authentication services so you can buy at ease.

Here are my amazing finds, courtesy of Letgo! It does take some searching and hunting, but it’s totally worth it.

How amazing are these beauties!

I apologize in advance for all the money you are about to spend, but I couldn’t keep this secret any longer.
In my opinion, if I can score a designer handbag that retails for $2,000 for $900 it’s a no brainier. Happy Shopping! xo.

2 thoughts

  1. Love this post. I’ve never heard of letgo but best believe I’m downloading it! I usually use therealreal, brand new items for cheap too!

    So excited for your blog babes!


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