Thailand Honeymoon

We went to Thailand! I still cannot believe we gathered up the courage to travel 18 hours to Thailand. To be completely honest, at first I said no way, I cannot fly that long! My husband suggested we just do it and I’m so happy we decided on it. I am forever grateful we had a trip of a lifetime.

We were planning our honeymoon at the same time we were planning our wedding, I knew right away I needed help from a travel agent. There was no way I was attempting to book a trip consisting of 3 islands and 6 planes, it was way to overwhelming for me.

So, we packed our bags and begun our 15 hour flight to China, including a 7 hour stop over before flying another 3 hours to Phuket.

First stop; Phuket! We stayed at the amazing Baba Beach Club for 5 nights. The grounds were an absolute dream and the beach was massive. The hotel was so chic and modern.

Tip: Majority if not all resorts do not offer an all-inclusive plan, however they do offer a breakfast package. All drinks and food are an extra charge, but totally worth it!

What we did in Phuket:

  • Tour of the Phi-Phi Islands
  • Visited the Elephant Sanctuary. You’re allowed to feed and bathe with the Elephants!
  • Relaxed and ate way too much food

After Phuket we hopped on another 1 hour flight to Koh Samui. We stayed at the ‘Le Meridien’ with a deluxe room that included an outdoor bathroom and plunge pool. We didn’t do any excursions in Koh Samui but we left the resort and headed to the city every night which was a 15 minute drive. In the city are lots of restaurants and bars and also a Muay Thai arena where you can watch live matches.

Continuing with our travels, after 5 nights in Koh Samui, we caught another plane (our 4th flight) to Bangkok! We stayed in Bangkok for 1 night but made sure we did as much as possible and ate everything! Bangkok really surprised me because I didn’t hear great things about it. In reality I’m so happy we went, the food was unreal, our hotel ‘The Sheraton Grande’ was exactly that; Grande! (just check out the pic of the pool below). Bangkok also has the biggest mall I have ever seen and the most traffic I have ever witnessed.

I still think about this vacation almost everyday, I cannot believe we travelled so far and experienced a place of such paradise. If you can go, Thailand is a must! I hope this post helps you plan your future trip! xo.

Hotel in Phuket:
Hotel in Koh Samui:
Hotel in Bangkok:

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